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Neighborhood Play is a podcast designed to explore the cultural connections that link cities, teams, and fandoms. Through in-depth conversations with musicians and athletes from all walks of life, Neighborhood Play Podcast paints a vivid picture of sports and culture in a unique and refreshing way. Hosted by music industry veteran Danny Samet, the show achieves a perfect balance of lighthearted joking and in-depth thought in a tone that is appealing to everyone from diehard sports fans to the most apathetic.
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Sep 6, 2018

Long intro - We start with recapping our very interesting last few days. We show love to our boys with whom we dined and drank TOO HARD. We talk about sports obviously - duh. Danny tells a story about having to take a shit in his kitchen.


Touched on touchy subjects. Kaepernick overreaction/unfortunate event in our hometown of Cincinnati. 


Then we cheer you up! at the 33 minute mark we share an interview that Danny got in on his siesta - University of Arizona Hockey Head Coach Chad Berman!


This is a unique program in that it's a club team at a D1 school, and one of the largest schools in the nation at that. 



Say hi!



Danny IG/TW: @SannyDamet

Tyler IG/TW: @TwesleySnipes

Aug 29, 2018

Ryan Soroka of the United Talent Agency sat down with Danny to talk about his efforts to support youth baseball in the Dominican Republic.

They also talked about the absurd season the Red Sox are having and what Gunz from The Gunz Show/ESPN would be like in bed.

Check out what Ryan is doing over at and follow him on Twitter for good baseball ‘tent at @ryansoroka

Also: our good friends and favorite good boys the Arkells will be in Cincinnati this Sunday, playing a free show at Sawyer Point. Get to the gig.

Aug 22, 2018

Mitch Hildebrandt of Atlanta United was kind enough to join us this week to talk about his career in soccer, time in Cincinnati, and life in the MLS. 

We talked about a lot of things that I will not give away in the notes. We want you to enjoy our content in audio form. 

Mitch comes on at the 25 minute mark if you get sick of our long intro. We had a few beers and aren't sorry. 


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Eat Grillo's Pickles

Have a nice day

Aug 15, 2018

Dr. Mike Sonne of The Athletic joined us in the wake of our large adult son Hunter Greene’s injury to discuss the problems with pitching arms.

Dr. Sonne is both a good boy and an actual doctor, and it was enlightening to hear him wax poetic on injury prevention, technology, and Shohei Ohtani.

You can follow the good doctor @DrMikeSonne and read his work at The Athletic Toronto

Aug 11, 2018

Good morning to the Premier League season!

Welcome to the third annual Chris Grierson power hour, as our dear friend and dear The Media joined us to preview Crystal Palace’s season and discuss the transfer window.

Follow Chris @ChrisGrierson

The second half is our talk with Jacob Berry from Two Door Cinema Club, who is a Tottenham Hotspur supporter. We performed our duties as The Media by grilling Jacob on where Spurs are at as a club, as well as making predictions for the coming season.

Follow Jacob @Jacobmberry


CPFC PALS! Follow @homesdaleUSA

We are @Nayplaypod, @SannyDamet, and @TWesleySnipes



Jul 31, 2018

We went live! Thank you so much to everyone involved! Panel info below!

7:07 - Reds chat with:
C.Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic  TW:@Ctrent
Steve Hauke of Young Heirlooms TW: @SteveHauke
55:50 - Cincinnati sports with:
Matt Allaire of Oh!Varisty @AllaireMatt
1:11:00 - Special drop in from Kyle Yurchak @KyleKile 
1:27:00 - Being The Media, Injuries, life, and Canada with: 
Nick Dika, Arkells and Baseball Prospectus @NickDika
Dr. Mike Sonne of The Athletic @DrMikeSonne
2:19:00 - Roast and excessive drinking with The New Nasty Boys:
Billy DeVore @Williamthefour
Lee Kimbrell, @leonkimbrell (IG)
Cincinnati! Drink your beers and watch your games at @Rhinehausotr! 
As always check us out at / @NayPlayPod
Danny Samet - @SannyDamet
Tyler Snipes - @TwesleySnipes
Jul 23, 2018

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Zach Hyman dropped by to talk about being a children's author, who he wants to dance on in Fortnite, and how much playing at a major college program prepared him for the NHL. 

Check out Zach's books The Bambino And Me, Hockey Hero, and The Magician’s Secret wherever books are sold.
We also unpack the live show!
Check out our interview on The New Nasty Boys Podcast!
Music by @Boozerbot69
Jul 10, 2018

Ryan Neff is an American rock daddy in the band Miss May I, and Nascar fan. He joined us to talk about the stigma behind supporting Nascar, and the struggle that the sport is facing when compared to other motorsports. 

A little audio clipping, because technology gonna technology. It sorts itself out after a few seconds. 

Follow Ryan on TW and IG @WhosRyanNeff

Follow Miss May I @MissMayIBand /


Come see us live! Rhinehaus OTR 7/18

We Are The Media

@NayPlayPod /


Music by @Boozerbot69

Jul 3, 2018

The boys are fresh off of their ESPN debut! We had the goof fortune of chatting with Lance McAllister on ESPN 1530 to promote the live event that we are putting on!

Check our Facebook for details!


Later, Dan Clermont of Set It Off joins us to dive into NBA/NHL free agency!






May 30, 2018
Atlanta Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson FaceTimed in to talk about his new project, All Things Loyal. 
Danny asked Dansby about his creative process, why Atlanta is such a uniquely positive place, who his favorite ATL musicians are, and what he's going to eat for dinner.
Be sure to check out new drops from All Things Loyal every weekend the Braves play at home-
May 11, 2018


 Blake Hammond is a very nice boy and hilarious comic. We talked about the Bulls for a minute and then got way off track. 


I'm publishing this immediately after and not putting effort into these notes 


Follow Blake @BigRadMachine 

Apr 18, 2018

This week Tyler is joined by AN AMERICAN HERO, Curtis Jones who while serving overseas has started an initiative called the PASS Project, which provides soccer equipment to less fortunate people all over the world. This project started months ago and has grown tenfold in the meantime! We also discuss his love for the game and what called him to give more than he already is to society. We wish Curtis luck with the project and encourage you to check and give what you can!


IG: @thepassproject




Mar 23, 2018

just listen to it 

Oct 11, 2017

Their podcastt is actually F**ck you, We Like The Bengals but our publisher won't take the title, full show notes coming soon


If you're reading this that means neither of us took the initiative to write show notes


Who Dey!

Oct 11, 2017

Today’s episode is brought to you by Grillo’s Pickles, we shit you not.


Our guest this week is Steve Hauke of Young Heirlooms! He’s back! Steve also appeared on our very first episode more than a year ago and so much has changed!


Danny was to busy being an industry bigshot to make time for this one so Pasty, our resident drunkard guest hosted by default.


We talked all about the Cleveland Cavaliers this time! We forecasted playoff scenarios and went into detail about Kyrie Driving being a flat earther. Tyler was drunk and said “like” a record number of times and we close by talking about Young Heirlooms’ new record - “The Hammer” which is available everywhere in the ether on Friday, October 20th!


Cincinnati people - YH is celebrating their album release at the Woodward Theater in OTR on Friday, the 20th! Be there, or be a punk.


Song of the week is “Bury Me With My Hammer” and is currently available on Spotify, listen now!


We are The Media and we eat Grillo’s Pickles

Sep 13, 2017

Team Canada speed skater William Preudhomme came by to educate us on some truly crazy sportsball.

While we are definitely The Media, our knowledge of Olympic sports is minimal compared to our knowledge of beer brands and Cincinnati Reds outfielders of the past. This was a nice change of pace.

Be on the lookout for William in the World Cup next year.

This episode features music by Circa Waves. Danny is currently out on tour with Two Door Cinema Club and Circa Waves, and because we are The Media we are able to promote who we want. You're welcome.

Sep 5, 2017

Andrew Bozymowski of Capstan came by to talk all things NFL leading up to the season.

Divisional rankings, Super Bowl predictions, fantasy tips and the hot takes you crave are the contents of this content.

Capstan were The Media yesterday and made some big announcements about their debut record and new label home. Click on over to (link) to bear witness to the rock music.

This episode was brought to you by Guy Fieri and Labatt Blue.

Aug 23, 2017

We are back after several weeks off, we took time away from enjoying our summer to bring you dweebs some fresh content. This conversation took place weeks ago but since Danny is routinely late to every possible occasion - we are presenting this episode to you now. 

In this conversation we preview the season, and get Chris' expectations with the current squad. If you are unaware - CPFC has undergone significant leadership and personnel changes that had us all excited coming into opening day - however, Palace has taken two tough losses to start the season and we are freaking out. 

We recorded a really long introduction and it was unnecessary, the interview start at the 15 minute mark. 

Questions? Complaints? We couldn't care any less but you may offer them @Nayplaypod, @SannyDamet, @NayplayTyler, @ChrisGrierson

The song of the week is called "Judy French" by White Reaper




Jun 28, 2017
Tyler took a break from drinking on Florida beaches to visit Danny on tour. Recorded live from Thrice's dressing room in Tampa, this episode features a slew of guests popping in that were unaware of their imminent appearance on the world's most popular podcast.
Reed Murray, drummer of Say Anything and Carrollhood, discussed some of his favorite sports performances and his love of tiki culture and cocktails.
Suge, Thrice's guitar tech, drafted his top five desserts in America.
And then, of course, we talked sports! Your two favorite podcast hosts shot the shit on the NBA Draft in typical fashion- an unrelenting assault of MOLTEN HOT TAKES. Tyler also stole one of Joe Rogan's takes and lit the world on fire in regards to the upcoming Macgregor-Mayweather fight.
This episode features music from Danny's current employer, Thrice. Get to the gig.


Jun 7, 2017

James joins us this week to talk all about his passion for Chicago sports! We initially had him on to barf about their draft this year, but he brought us around on the Trubisky trade. From their we talked all about how he celebrated the Cubs in the World Series last year, and Eighteen Visions' new Record "XVIII" which is out now on Rise Records!







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